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¡La Roja!

Doñana Drinks, originally uploaded by jhoolko.

So Spain won the World Cup today. First time ever. The video footage from Madrid was insane.

I managed to watch games from this world cup in Gjirokastra and Berat, Albania; Como, Italy; Madrid, Spain; and Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento, USA. That’s cool and all, but why the heck did I leave Spain three weeks ago?! How did I miss the first Spanish victory and possibly the most important Spanish football game in history by three weeks? All I can say is that today, I drank a tiny sized beer in Spain’s honor. But that win would have been a heck of a lot better from a Cerveceria in Malasaña with a bit of jamón, a tiny plate of aceitunas and a nice cold tinto de verano. And a caña. Or two.

Felicitaciones, España!

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I finally made it to a game. It wasn’t exactly Real Madrid or FC Barcelona territory, but it was awesome nonetheless and certainly attended by less tourists than one of the bigger events. I went with some friends from Cartagena, a coastal town in Murcía. The game was in Salamanca, against Salamanca, and unfortunately for my friends Cartagena lost 1-0. The lack of a goal on their part made the game a little less exciting than it could have been, but honestly…better than baseball!!!

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