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Dreaming of Paris

I came across an article in Wired today about a bar that is supposedly the geekiest in the world. It’s in Paris, and it’s called Le Dernier Bar Avant la Fin du Monde….which means “the last bar before the end of the world.” It does, indeed, look geeky, but in an appealing adult-Disneyland type of way.

In addition to a number of very nerdy accessories, the bar also has a weapon deposit box (pre-filled with a selection of famous weapons from movie history) and games attached to urinals in the bathroom.

Here are a few photos from Wired (and a few other French sites), check out their full write-up here. If you read French, there are also some Yelp reviews already.

via Wired

via Wired

via actualitte.com

via Manga Sanctuary

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Bastille Day in Paris

Bastille Day, 2007, originally uploaded by jhoolko.

A photo from a family trip to Paris from nearly five years ago. In a happy accident, we ended up there on Bastille Day. It was hot, and the crowds were immense, but watching fireworks behind the Eiffel Tower with 600,000 French people was a pretty awesome experience.

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