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New York

New York! I, of course, loved it. I had never been there in the winter though, and I do not love the winter weather. If it’s not snowing, I do not see any point in it being that cold. Parts of me that I never knew I had were cold. My teeth were cold. At times my hair froze. But, I still loved it. I have already posted about the magnificent sciCafe, which is one of my new favorite things in the world, but there was a lot of other good food and drink involved in the whole experience.

Some of the fantastic places we visited were the following:

Shake Shack for lovely little cheeseburgers and a shake that was very yummy but a little sweet for my taste (and not a fan of cookie chunks in things like that, but ok).

Momofuku Noodle Bar for some very interesting ginger ramen but unfortunately no compost cookies.

Kitchenette for one of the most amazing omelets I have ever had: goat cheese and herbs with sausage. And pan fried cornbread! Seriously so fantastic.

Señor Swanky’s (yes, we went somewhere called Señor Swanky’s, and despite a severe lacking in the cute/ambiance/cool/other redeemable aesthetic qualities department, IT WAS SO CHEAP) for $1 mugs of beer (!!) and a menu of $1 food….all day…at all hours. Honestly I forgave them for the giant chili pepper chandelier the moment I saw the $1 beer banner that it was partially obscuring. And it was a great little pre-sciCafe place! But do not go expecting good food or nice ambiance. Just stick to the $1 menu and keep your expectations as low as the prices.

So other than that we did some shopping and walked around. I scored some jeans AND a dress at Top Shop for $20 and after a mildly disappointing show at the J.Crew Liquor Store, Marshal finally checked “jacket” off his shopping list.

For my Christmas present, we also went to dinner at Caracas Arepas Bar (NOT as good as Mil Jugos!!!) before heading over to Brooklyn to catch Brief Encounter, a recommendation from a friend of Marshal’s sister. I was nervous because I basically had no idea what we were walking into, but I LOVED it! Our seats were amazing and it was a really small theatre, which ended up being totally fine. It was all ukuleles and video clips and toy trains and puppet children and all these crazy things that worked so perfectly together in a very classy way and I was very sad when it all came to an end. BUT! There was a fun little encore of the actors singing and playing music outside in the bar and they did all these great covers of Destiny’s Child and Europe and other classics with a five piece band, prominently featuring a ukulele and a trumpet which I am very into. It was great and I highly recommend it! After that, we headed around the corner to Grimaldi’s to indulge in some absolutely incredible pizza before heading back home.

Marshal and I stayed at his sister’s wonderful apartment in Morningside Heights and it was great. It honestly gave me new insight into the fact that New York isn’t such a far-fetched place to consider living, though I think there are other places that might suit me better. It also was just very warm and comfy and nice.

I also made an appearance in the homeland, New Jersey, USA. Marshal and I rode the fast ferry to somewhere, but I was so sleepy and confused that all I know is we got on at Wall St. and off in New Jersey. We spent the night at my Aunt and Uncle’s house and got to hang out with my cousins who are both about ten years older than I thought they would be based on how old they were last time I saw them. I also got to see my aunt and my grandma, and Marshal, aided by six or so beers, got to meet them all. It was honestly great and I am so glad I got to do it. We even got in a trip to Cranford to see my other grandma, and Marshal decided that New Jersey is way different than what he thought it would be….or so he said. We ate about 60lbs of pizza and bagels each, which you would think would hold me over forever, but as I am typing this I am absolutely dying for another slice. Torture!!

So that is that. I am sure I am missing a ton of things but I have typed more than I want to today, and honestly, there is still plenty more to tell. Next post, SPAIN!

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So I am back in Baeza after a long trip home. I have been a million places in the last month or so. I’ve taken 12 flights, been through eight countries, and am a little worse for wear, to be honest. But oh man, things are about to get even crazier. Tomorrow, off to Malaga for the weekend. After that, I’ll update.

Oh and the earth picture was taken in the American Museum of Natural History during one of their monthly Wednesday night SciCafes–a combination of a cash bar, free food (like, legit free food) and a talk on evolution and speciation in the Lower Congo (with a different topic from different curators, etc. each week). Honestly, it is like my dream event, where I am able to fully combine my defining social qualities: cheapness, nerdiness, gluttony, and love for mellow-ish yet also alcoholic evenings. Seriously, if you live in New York, please go.

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