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Madrid offers a LOT of different options for people who want to get out of the city and into the country/towns/mountains/etc. surrounding the capital. I’ve been lucky to recently have been taken to quite a few of these fine locales by some of my Spanish friends, and it has been just wonderful! Being the only guiri in the group also meant that I got a lot of pictures taken of me in front of various monuments/attractions/reasonably attractive buildings, so here is a little sampling of what’s around Madrid…and my best happy tourist face!

El Escorial



*disclaimer: I apologize for not really taking pictures of anything famous in any of these cities, i.e. aqueduct in Segovia (or anything in Segovia, whoops!), city walls of Avila (at least from a decent distance), that damn frog that we never found in Salamanca, etc. At least I got some shots of this!!!:

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I finally made it to a game. It wasn’t exactly Real Madrid or FC Barcelona territory, but it was awesome nonetheless and certainly attended by less tourists than one of the bigger events. I went with some friends from Cartagena, a coastal town in Murcía. The game was in Salamanca, against Salamanca, and unfortunately for my friends Cartagena lost 1-0. The lack of a goal on their part made the game a little less exciting than it could have been, but honestly…better than baseball!!!

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