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On the Water

Like many people in my demographic (internet-loving females aged 18-30), I have recently discovered the wonders of Pinterest. Pinterest hasn’t really changed how much I use the internet, thank god, but it has changed the way that I remember things I’ve seen on the internet. If I see something wonderful and awesome, I am now able to bookmark it in a way that actually encourages me to go back and look at it later, and the collection of images (or “Boards”) that result from my daily flurry of bookmarking can really be quite lovely. Hopefully you agree!

Right now it’s an unusual 80 degrees in San Francisco. Unfortunately I am stuck in my cubicle, and sadly I can’t even see a window from where I sit. So Pinterest-fueled daydreaming to the rescue! If I could be anywhere outside of this cubicle, I would want to be somewhere on the water. Sadly the nearest contender is the San Francisco Bay which isn’t exactly a tropical paradise regardless of the season. So here are a few places I’d rather be….

Slovenia (photo credit unknown)

The Rock Restaurant, off the coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania (via Honestly…WTF)

The Santa Maria River in Mexico (Photo Credit: LGuillermo Aceves, via Flickr)

Oludeniz,Turkey (Photo Credit Unknown)

Xkeken Cenote, Yucatan (via National Geographic)

the terme di saturnia springs, tuscany (photo credit unknown)

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Wishing I was at the Beach…

It’s still wintry and rainy in San Francisco, and I’m really wishing that I was at any of these beautiful places….

Picture credits can be found at sites linked through the above images. Sadly I didn’t take any of them! Sigh…

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