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Sueños Albaneses

Right now, I’m sitting in the 94 degree heat (that’s 34 degrees for you non-Fahrenheit folks) in Sacramento, California, considering my future as a soon-to-be gainfully employed San Franciscan.

I would totally rather be here:

Dhermi, originally uploaded by jhoolko.

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Salat Greke

Greek Salad, originally uploaded by jhoolko.

I think this salad cost about two euros. We ate it on a bar that overlooked one of the most spectacular beaches I have ever seen.

Albanian fruits and vegetables were mostly organic, but not in the trendy tree-hugging healthy way that we have organic produce in California. Most people in Albania are just too poor to afford pesticides. The flavors of these vegetables were incredible. We made a Greek salad with the exact same ingredients two nights ago here in California and it just fell flat compared to the super super flavorful tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, and home made feta we had in Albania.

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