Wanderust: Image of the Day

A photo, each day, of someone, sometime, or someplace I’d rather be.

Via Style Essentials, Source Unknown.

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2 thoughts on “Wanderust: Image of the Day

  1. Sue says:

    I am presently in Seville but soon moving to Jaen to teach in The city of Jaen province. I plan to travel into Jaen one day to do apartment searching but wondered if you had any suggestions about how to best approach the process. Someone had suggested I try to find an English speaking individual to take me around the city but other than the bilingual director at the school in which I am placed I do not have any contacts. While I do speak some Spanish I am certainly far from fluent. Any advice would be very helpful.

    • Jessica Hoolko says:

      Hi Sue,

      Sorry for the late reply! There are lots of ways to look for an apartment in Jaen. I found mine through friends and coworkers, but before I figured out where I was going to live, I did a lot of research online. Here are a few websites that are a lot like Spanish Craigslist!


      There are a bunch more like that out there, but those are the two that were most helpful to me. You can also try checking out some facebook groups if you’d like to live with other expats or students/teachers. There are always very active groups on facebook for ERASMUS students and others studying abroad, as well as for auxiliares teaching in Jaen. They often will have space available for rent or will know someone who is looking for a roommate, and it might be easier to work with some fellow English speakers if you’re not comfortable with your Spanish.

      Good luck down there, there are some GREAT tapas to be had and fabulous people (and very difficult accents!), but I am sure you’ll learn to love it. Be sure to give Baeza and Ubeda a visit!



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