On the road again…




It’s now been two years since I set out on my grand Spanish journey, over a year since I moved to San Francisco, and almost as long since my last post. I’ve neglected to write about life in San Francisco because I was actually living it and because I was overall less excited about the concept of living in California again than I had been about living in Spain. Living in San Francisco is not without its challenges (cough, cough: rent prices, fog…) but it’s been business as usual. No struggles with language, no lack of diversity in anything (a very good thing), and certainly no lack of regularity in my daily schedule. I work full time again, I have my own apartment that is actually full of my own belongings that I need to pay for and take care of, my student loans are back in action, I go to the gym, I have friends that know me well and that have been in my life for years all around me again. I don’t really take pictures of things anymore because I know that they, and I, will be in the same place next week, or any day that I choose to go back and take a picture of them. Things get put on my to-do list and then never get done because I know that I have a seemingly infinite number of days to get them done. I’ve got a routine.


But then I took a vacation. I went to Europe again. No Spain this time, much to my disappointment, but I did get to visit some new places; Munich, Berlin, and Copenhagen. I took pictures, I looked around; I was excited by just being in a new place. And I realized that San Francisco is really cool. Berlin was amazing and wonderful and I can’t wait to go back, but San Francisco is cool too, maybe as cool as Berlin. And I live there! Maybe its bad that it took a vacation to get me back into this mindset, but if that’s what it took, maybe I need to take more vacations. If I could live life in the States the way that I live life in Europe, with the same excitement and vigor and speed, I would probably have a better time in general. And I would probably do better at updating this blog. So that is what I am going to do. But first, the trip…



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