Balcones en Barcelona, originally uploaded by jhoolko.

Is it possible to be homesick for a place that isn’t really your home? Evidently it is, and I have a bad case of it today. Hopefully some tapas and Spain talk tomorrow at Esperpento will provide a momentary cure…at the very least I will at least get some jamón! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Añoranza

  1. Lola says:

    Hey I LOVE your blog, I visited Spain a few years ago and spent some time in Andalucia and I love your posts and photos. I was wondering if I could bother you with a question…I have been trying to figure out how to attach photos into my blog posts like you do and I can’t seem to get it right,. Would you mind giving me a little hint? It looks so great on here and adds so much to your posts, but I am never able to get it done. Maybe you could email me a quick suggestion or two? lolasaldia@yahoo.ca Thanks so much and keep up the great blog!! Cheers.

    • Jessica Hoolko says:

      Hi Lola,
      I post a lot of pictures using flickr. If you set up an account you can “share” the pictures through your wordpress blog and it makes them come out looking a little more finished. Just click the share button next to any picture in your flickr photostream and it should give you an option to add them to your wordpress account.

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