It’s Official

Welp, I moved. I guess it’s official now because I have the keys and am actually sitting inside the place. I would describe it as something between gorgeous and awesome and incredible. Between a roof deck with views of every San Francisco landmark imaginable to the huge bedrooms to the updated kitchen to the location–I am pretty much in love with my new home.

Unfortunately the photo above of my new neighborhood of North Beach is pretty crappy because I took it on a phone, my other camera being still in San Diego….the move is still very much in progress. Also, you can see in the photo above how UNBELIEVABLY foggy it is here all the time. This is something I am going to have to get used to, especially because after the worst winter in Spain’s history, I pretty much only took advantage of a few weeks of warm weather before I ventured back into the cold…doesn’t seem fair. I am much more of a Mediterranean climate/dry heat kinda girl, so this is causing me some slight trauma. We’ll see how it goes. All I know right now is that there are some other places that I wish weren’t so far away so I could take advantage of some heat on a terracita…..

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