Inappropriate Words/Phrases I have taught my students/friends this week

Here is a list of all the incredibly important, totally appropriate words that I have covered with my middle-aged male business English students and my non-native friends in the past few weeks.


Gold digger

Pot, Weed, Bud (in the literal and slang senses of the words)

Playing Footsie

Snort (as in cocaine)

Take advantage of (physically)

Check out (physically)


Hook Up

Make out







Hair of the Dog (in Spain evidently they keep it literal and just say “Have another beer!” but the idea is the same)

So evidently I have some kind of problem with the degree of professionalism I employ in my classes….but actually thinking about it I don’t think the teaching of these words was completely unsolicited. Keep in mind that some of my students don’t know how to say “tall” or “ugly.” But they sure could get through a night at a bar!!! God.

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