Words of the week:

Sonova Bitch: “Son of a bitch” pronounced like “SoNOVA Bitch,” as read in Catcher in the Rye where Salinger always writes it as all one word.

Lamster: This one might be the cutest error of them all and I feel a little bad because I laughed a LOT when I heard this one, just because its such a funny combination of lobster and hamster. Lamster  is technically a word, but it was used in this context: “You are not pink like a lamster!” which just sounds incredibly, incredibly weird. He was going for “You’re not all red like a lobster!” in reference to a sunburn which I had told him I was suffering from. Can you imagine what a pink lamster would look like?

Next time I will try to include the Spanish words I have botched….because there are many.


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