Last week, spring sprang. It was as if I came to Madrid and the powers that be decided that all was right in the world and it was time to end the most dreadful winter since the dawn of Spanish time with a glorious week of sudden, sparkling, flowery, gorgeous sunshine. The tree above is one of many that pepper the streets of Sanse (and a few parts of the centro) and they are my absolute favorite things ever. I have now decided that in my future home, I will not only have an olive tree, but also one of these babies. There are a couple varieties of trees with pretty pink or white flowers, and I saw them in Jaén too, both as city decor and in orchard-form, so I am not sure if they have all been almond or dogwood or cherries or what. I am going to go with almond, but mostly because I love the idea of having an almond tree. The only thing that is not wonderful about them is that the one pictured above was literally swarming with those enormous black glossy beetles, so I had to run the heck away from that tree immediately after taking the picture.

So back to spring. We had about a week of it, during which I walked through Retiro, lazed around on  benches, sat in the sun, and even TOOK OFF MY JACKET, and then it was over. Two days ago I was in the park with Bruno, and all I can say is luckily it was really close to home. The clouds were a little dark and the wind was picking up, but it had been so nice that I couldn’t believe it was going to rain. Then it got seriously dark, a few drops sprinkled gently down. I told Bruno we had to go, and as I was walking over to get him into his stroller, ONE enormous clap of thunder just ripped open the sky and spilled down an entire week’s worth of rain in about 20 seconds. I shoved Bruno into the stroller, he was screaming, I pulled this rather cumbersome plastic thing over the whole top of him, strapped him in, and started running. It probably took 45 seconds to get packed up and get back to shelter, but I was completely soaked and dripping. Bruno just looked grossed out.

And the weather has sucked since. Dark clouds, icy wind, no sun. Screw winter. Here are some pictures of what Spain should look like right now, taken last week, which I now really believe was my one glorious glimpse of good weather. Wa!

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