Discovery of the Day: Panta Rhei

Today I checked out a bookstore that I had walked by a couple of times in the area around metro station Tribunal, just on the Chueca side of c/ Fuencarral. It’s called Panta Rhei, and the name comes from an aphorism attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus meaning “everything flows.” To be honest, I had to look that up with a little help from Google and Wikipedia, but it’s nice, right? Well, the bookstore is nicer. If you are a fan of pretty books for adults and children, or of art, or poetry, or anything mildly colorful or beautiful, this place is great. They carry the LeCool guides, too, which earns it an automatic thumbs up from me.

To enter the store, you inexplicably have to ring a bell, which seems a little strange to me, but they will buzz the door open as soon as you press the button, so don’t be scared away. There are a ton of books in English and Spanish, and the downstairs houses an exhibition space for contemporary artists.

c/ Hernán Cortés, 7

Metro: Tribunal

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