So I just got back from a LONG and wonderful weekend in Sevilla/Jerez de la Frontera/Cadiz/Jerez de la Frontera again/Sevilla again (in that order!) for a mixture of Carnaval and tapas and sherry tasting and it was as wonderful as it sounds. I actually missed the bus back to La Puerta slightly intentionally because I am super nervous about telling them of my impending departure tomorrow, which I must do. BUT! I need to unpack and repack and plan out exactly how I am going to break the news, so instead of uploading all my pictures and writing a detailed report of the weekend, I am going to post a pretty video that has absolutely nothing to do with Spain or me telling my bosses that I am quitting. It’s just pretty, and since it involves confetti and costumes and nice music and happiness, I think it is somewhat appropriate as a cute blend of carnaval themes and my feelings about moving to Madrid. But with dancing!!!!


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