Plein Soleil

I am officially over winter. I am trying to boycott by wearing lighter coats and fewer layers each day but it turns out that’s not exactly helping, and if I continue the practice I might not make it to the spring.

To be honest, it has been getting warmer, but that still means that it is 42 degrees outside (and inside my apartment) right now and I am currently sitting in my bed in a sleeping bag because my normal blankets are not warm enough and we (meaning my roommate) used up all the gas for the heater last month. Normally I am all over cold weather, but it’s a different story when you don’t have a heater or rugs or sweatshirts. And I’ve learned the hard way that a hairdryer and a couple of votive candles are not worthy stand-ins for central heating.

Anyways, the momentary peek of sunlight this week has gotten me all crazy about the coming summer and the possibility that I will be able to savor some nice weather while I am here in Europe. When I think of nice weather in Europe, I pretty much think of two things: the beach and Plein Soleil.

Plein Soleil, (Purple Noon in English) is the 1960 French film adaptation of The Talented Mr. Ripley, and to put it simply, I think it is wonderful. Honestly, the part that I think is most wonderful is how perfectly it captures EXACTLY the time and place I would like to time travel to if I could time travel my way into a summer vacation, minus the third-wheel setup on the boat, and the jealousy, betrayal, and murder without remorse, of course…but I won’t give away the ending for those of you who haven’t yet indulged! I will however, show you some lovely stills from the movie, most of which are all of Alain Delon. I would have preferred a few shots of the incredible, beautiful yacht they sail around the Mediterranean in, or of the coastal town in Italy where most of the movie takes place, but it seems this Delon fellow has a pretty popular mug and those other images do not exist (in Google images). But Mr. Delon isn’t exactly hideous so I don’t think anyone will mind.

The colors, the clothes, the hair (ok I would change Marge’s bangs, but whatever), the boat, pretty people speaking French–Italy when it was probably really cheap!–I just want everything!!!!! I seriously have rented this movie several times, and every time I see it I feel like I don’t really watch it, I just look at it. I need to just buy it already.

And do you blame me? Who would not want to sail around Europe, tanning and eating French cheese and lounging on the deck of a splendid sailboat in nautically themed outfits, napping in a fluffy pink Italian bed, casually strumming the guitar in your lovely, sunny salon? I certainly want to! Throughout the movie, you can just tell that it is hot, and I mean that in the temperature sense of the word (mostly). It just makes you want to be outside in the sun, and frankly, that is ALL I want to do right now. And maybe eat some cheese.

If I were to have access to this wonderful, beautiful world, I would have to momentarily move it to Croatia, which embodies the beach part of my summer dreams of Europe.

Amazing!!! Despite the fact that I may no longer have time to travel at the end of my trip, I am holding onto the hope that I will be able to lay on a beach like that in Croatia in the very, very hot sun at some point in June, with or without the sailor clothes and yacht and pretty French people. I’ve been once before, and I think I’m just about due for a second visit.

But for now, I will stay cuddled in my sleeping bag in my little cold bed, eating cookies and drinking tea. ¡Date prisa, verano!


3 thoughts on “Plein Soleil

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  2. Great post! We know you’ll love our site. Check it out—!!! Blog love from Toronto!!!

    -The Eye x

  3. […] already written about my love for the classic French movie Plein Soleil. I think it captures such a beautiful time and place, and all the murder, betrayal, etc. aside, I […]

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