So home was great. I seriously was really excited to go see everyone, drive a car, not smell ham, etc. I took super hot showers, used the garbage disposal, used the dryer, washed dishes with hot water, used a huge, dry towel instead of a camp towel/damp face towel combo, and had clothes that weren’t all stiff and stretched out. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!

I hung out with the family, went to Tahoe and hung out with Marshal’s family, went to L.A. and hung out with my friends, hung out with friends in San Diego, and even paid a visit to GSE!

All in all it was great, but too short. In a completely unexpected turn of events, Spain has made me appreciate home a little more, and not just the dry towels and nice appliances. Also, newsflash, I like skiing! Marshal has successfully trained me to not only not hate it, but actually like it a bit.

I also got a wonderful, wonderful Christmas present: an iPod touch. My parents got it for me to replace the unfortunately stolen one I lost en route to America, and it is AMAZING. I am going to devote a whole separate post to it later on because I love it so much. I also got a new digital camera which takes really nice photos considering that it cost about 1/6 of what my other one did. I’ll do a little write up on that later too because so far I really recommend it.


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