Prague and Dublin!

So after a fabulous second day in Krakow, we headed onward to the Czech Republic. The bus to Prague would have taken up a whole day and the train was going to cost 60 euros, so we weren’t quite sure what to do. The helpful girl at the tourism desk suggested a three hour bus to Cieszyn, a town that straddles the Czech/Polish border. Once we arrived we’d have to walk across the border to the train station and continue the journey to Prague by rail.

Well, it was easy enough, even though we almost slept through our arrival in Prague, but we successfully made it there by 4am, in our own compartment nonetheless!

Then, we were in Prague. At 4am. Nothing was open, no one was around. There were no maps. The train station was also semi-outdoors, and it was cold! Somehow we managed to kill two hours before stumbling into a hostel who shared a reception office with ours, dropping off our luggage, and being told that we’d have to wait at least six hours before we could check in. We then wandered the streets for another 30 minutes or so before I got the biggest coffee I have ever seen.

.5 liters baby! I can’t believe I survived that day without a heart attack. After that, we actually managed to walk around, eat some snacks (of course), like hot wine, trdlo (this rolled pastry baked over hot coals and rolled in sugar and toffee and nuts) and Bramboraky (sauerkraut and potato pancakes) with a side of sauerkraut….all before 10am. Disgusting! Wonderful! I loved it.

We actually were able to check into our hostel at 10:30 or so, so after meeting some overbearing, too talkative fellow Californian in the first hostel, we escaped to our own. AND IT WAS AMAZING! Marshal and I each paid 8 euros a night, for a total of 16 euros each night, and we got this private room:

The hostel only had four rooms, and at least one had its own bathroom, so sharing the amazingly spacious, brand new one down the hall was not a problem. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a cheap, relaxed, ridiculously spacious place to stay in Prague. It’s called Ragtime Hostel and it has very few reviews on Hostelworld or anywhere for that matter, but I’ve found that that is an excellent way to get the best deals. The view wasn’t bad either:

Anyways, Prague was delightful and it really had its Christmas on, if you know what I mean. It was a little more expensive than Krakow, and we were seriously exhausted most of the time, but it was fantastic despite all of that. We ate a lot again, and drank more spiced wine, and walked all over the place and it was all darling. We were going to take a free tour, but we couldn’t find the office, so I am ashamed to say I am coming away from Prague knowing nothing about the city except that it’s cute and delicious.

So after eating goulash, pork knee (it was good! like ribs, but a knee), lots of beer, lots of hot wine, and a variety of other treats, it was off to Ireland!


Ireland was very cute and I would have liked it a lot more except for the fact that it was expensive as hell. We struggled to find a pint of beer for less than five euros and since we were at the end of our trip we were really only able to window-shop during our one day there. I would love to go back to Ireland and do it justice, I was just a little too pooped out to take it all in. The people’s accents are AMAZING though. And boxty, the stuffed potato pancake? Delicious. Delicious!!!

And there you have it! An amazing trip. After a quick flight and two rather long bus rides to Huelva and Baeza, we were back home. And today it snowed!!! I wasn’t too happy to be back at first, but the snow swayed me. I love it!

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