It’s getting colder

Every day here, I am colder and colder. Today was the first day that it really, really rained in Baeza, at least when I have been here. This hopefully justifies the fact that I am still in bed at 5pm. I have showered, eaten a nice American style breakfast, and purchased an extremely expensive round trip plane ticket from New York to Madrid, so at least I have been somewhat productive. It’s just hard to function in the cold. The weather report seems pretty mild, but with the rain and the clouds and the wind, it feels a LOT colder than 49 degrees.

It kinda sucks because the weather fluctuates between like 60 degrees at the warmest and 25 degrees at the coldest, so it’s really hard to pack for my time in La Puerta. Each week when I go there to work, I bring a backpack full of what I’ll need for the week: Warm clothes, socks, boots, toiletries and a hair dryer, my computer, a book or two, and whatever fresh vegetables and meat I can stand to carry since it’s hard to find fresh meat or vegetables after 2:00pm which is when I get out of work most days. Anything not incredible easy to buy (like a rug, mirror, or colander) also has to be brought to La Puerta since it’s hard to find that stuff there. It’s not exactly ideal, but it’s way better than living there all the time and never having the opportunity to have access to those things. Anyways, it’s tough when the weather is all crazy because it’s hard to pack three days worth of teacher clothes when you don’t know if you’ll be making the mile and a half trek to school in 30 degree weather with rain or 65 degree weather with boiling sun. Keeps me on my toes.

I am also building up stamina for the trip to Poland and the Czech Republic that I will be taking in one week. We’ll be spending a bonus day in London and Dublin as well, so I have to basically wrap myself in all the warm clothes I own before getting on our flight, since Ryanair isn’t going to be happy if I bring a gigantic backpack stuffed with 5 winter coats onto the plane. Actually, they would probably love it since it would give them the opportunity to charge me at least 700 million dollars in fees. Sigh.

So for the next week I’ll be watching the weather, and dreaming of one thing:

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