La Puerta


So this is one of the weirder parts of my town: El Barco. It means “the boat” and it’s this weird thing in the river that is literally just a giant fake boat. The river really separates the older original town from the newer development along the main road, so El Barco is a great place to get a good view of the old town creeping up the hill from the river bank.


View of the old town from "El Barco"

But other than that, that’s pretty much all it’s there for? I can’t figure out why they would have built it at all. I asked my class about it, about why it was there, and they just kind of stared at me, like I was asking a dumb question. I never got an answer. The first mast (there are three fake, sail-less masts) has snapped near its base and tumbled down into the river, where it’s been left for who knows how long. There is also a set of metal cables stretching from the bow up to the bridge that you can see in the picture. I don’t know what it’s there for, but I can only hope they are using it for tin can telephones.

The newer part of town is both more boring and less boring than the old part and the boat. I attribute this to its ugliness and the fact that it also has pretty much all of the town’s grocery stores, clothing stores, banks, restaurants, and bars contained in it. It’s pretty much just a road that goes for about 1.25 miles, and I have to walk the entire length of it about four times a day to get to work and back. Its has also been in the low 40s and/or raining the last few weeks, so my “commute” has been extra fun.


Avda. Andalucía: The main road

La Puerta is getting better and better every day, especially now that I have my transportation figured out and have gotten my living arrangement under control. I also fixed my oven and made friends with the librarian, so I can now cook food AND use the internet/read books for free, which is really working well for me.

I wish I had more updates on the town, but that is as thrilling as it gets. You can pretty much see the entire town in those three photos above (kidding…kinda), but I am going to work on my exploring skills next week when I go back.

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