We took off a little earlier than expected from Cordoba for yet another 5-hour bus ride to Nerja, since Lindsey and I were both really hoping to make it to a nice beach. The weather had randomly changed from rainy and chilly to warm and PERFECT, so we were off straight to the Mediterranean to take advantage of it.

Nerja is absolutely wonderful but also COMPLETELY overrun by tourists. It’s like a Disney-fied Spanish town in that respect. Everyone there speaks English (or is English), so it wasn’t exactly a linguistically challenging trip, but the beach made it easy to understand why the town was the way that it was. If I were an English retiree, I would probably move there too. We spent a full day at the beach there and stayed at the BEST cheap hotel I have ever been to. It was so clean, the people were so friendly, and it was 30 euros per night for a full-fledged double occupancy hotel room with a nice clean private bathroom. I think it was really cheap because they just changed the name and it has zero reviews on Hostelworld, making it a risk to book it online. If anyone goes to Nerja anytime soon, ignore the lack of reviews and stay there. It’s called Easy Nerja, which is a stupid name, but it’s awesome.

After our lovely, wonderful beach day, we took yet ANOTHER bus inland, to one of my favorite cities in the world and the place that I was really, really hoping to call home this year. Granada. 

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